Installation Guide for GartPlan for Windows



The installation comprises 2 steps:


  1. Installation of the Borland Database Engine (BDE)
  2. Installation of the GartPlan program



BDE is a general database tool, used by numerous programs, e.g. Paradox, Delphi, and the Windows version of GartPlan. If BDE (version 5.01 or later) already is installed, you can skip this step. This might be the case if you have installed Paradox or any other Windows program relying on the BDE.


When upgrading from the DOS- to the Windows-version of GartPlan, BDE must be installed, unless it has already been installed together with another program on your computer. Future upgrades of GartPlan do not require reinstallation of the BDE.


To perform the installation, run the following programs from your CD or download folder:


  1. BDESetup.Exe
  2. GPSetup.Exe




Launching the program


After installation you can run the program by clicking the GartPlan shortcut on the desktop. The shortcut is created automatically by the installation program.


After startup you will get the Registration-window. The registration is necessary in order to obtain a fully functional program, cf. Program registration.

If the program is not registered, you can try it out in Demo mode with limited functionality by clicking the [OK]-button in the window.

Single user


When installing the single user version both the BDE and GartPlan must be installed on a standalone computer or locally on a workstation in a network environment.


Data directories (Database, Archive, and Export) can be placed locally or on a workstation in a network environment.




Multi user


Due to some compatibility issues GartPlan does not utilize UNC-paths. Instead it is installed using a fixed path, and the following steps describe how to install in a network environment:


1.   Create a shared folder on the server (unless you already have one, like “public” or “programs”) and make it visible to the rest of the network. The workstations (i.e. the users) must as a minimum be privileged to create files and folders and to delete files within the shared folder.

2.   On each workstation, attach the shared folder on the server as a drive, e.g. F.

3.   Install the BDE (BDESetup.Exe) locally on each workstation.

4.   Run the installation program for GartPlan (GPSetup.Exe) once from a workstation and install GartPlan on the attached drive on the server, e.g. F.

5.   Create shortcuts to the installed program on the other workstations.


Data directories (Database, Archive, and Export) can be placed anywhere in the network environment, but are normally created on the server, e.g. F.


The BDE installation program is intended to make a local installation of the Borland Database Engine. We strongly recommend that the BDE is installed locally on each workstation. We do not support a server based shared BDE installation, and only experienced system administrators knowing the inner workings of BDE configuration should consider this option.


The GartPlan program could be installed locally on each workstation instead of the server, but we do not recommend this configuration, because you will then have to maintain all workstations with future upgrades of the program.



See also:

Network settings

Paradox settings


Demo data


The installation program saves a copy of Demo-data in the Archive-directory of the actual program. You can use these data by way of introduction when learning and investigating the program.


The Archive is placed in a sub-folder to the program-folder, e.g. C:\GartPlan\Arkiv.


When running the program you can restore the Demo-data in a Demo-version as well as a registered version of the program.


Restoring is performed in the Menu item:

General / Backup / Restore from archive


When you first time have created an archive in the Menu item:

General / Backup / Copy to archive

it will no longer be possible to restore the Demo-data.


If you did restore the Demo-data, it is important to delete these data before you start creation of your own data. Otherwise you risk to mix your real data with the Demo-data.


Deletion of data is performed in the Menu item:

General / Data files / Generate empty data files



User’s Guide


A User's Guide is included in the installation, and the file can be found in the main-folder of the program, e.g. as C:\GartPlan\GP_US.Rtf. The file can be read into Word or WordPerfect and printed out from there.


The read in can be performed in the Menu item:

Help / User’s Guide